Some Diet Tips That You Have Never Thought Of

Dieting is hard work, and mainly because you are attempting to change a habit that is fully ingrained in your brain and body. Your body needs the amount of food that you have been feeding, and the high sugar and fat content. At least, that’s what your body thinks. The truth is, that you can untrain your body relatively quickly, but it will take some hard work. Here are six diet tips that you may not have ever considered before, but that will make a huge difference in your weight loss journey.

more mirrors for your house

1. Consider getting some more mirrors for your house. This may seem scary to some, who are uncomfortable looking at their bodies, but that is precisely the point. Putting mirrors in your house will allow you to remind yourself to stick to your diet and exercise plan. Putting mirrors in the kitchen is especially important, since that’s where all the food located. You may just get some extra motivation by seeing yourself in the mirror everyday and being reminded of your goals.


use mustard instead of mayonnaise

2. Change out your condiments if you want to cut some serious calories out of your diet. For instance, if you are a fan of sandwiches, you might try replacing the mayo that you normally put on with mustard. Mayonnaise is packed with calories, and the amount that most people put on a sandwich can total up to more than fifty calories per sandwich. Mustard on the other hand has zero calories and you can put as much as you want on your sandwiches. Also, consider leaving off some of the more delicious condiments. Black olives, mushrooms and pickles can turn a sandwich with only two hundred calories normally into one with three or four hundred calories.

Exercise by walking3. Another great way to lose some serious weight is to set aside part of each hour for exercise. Busy people that have no time for spending at the gym will especially be able to benefit from this tip. It is very simple. You take five or ten minutes out of every hour and take a little walk, whether it is around the block near your house, or around the office building if you are at work. You can do this for as many hours in a day as you want. If you take five minutes out of each hour to take a quick walk you will burn 500 to 800 calories per day, all without having to do an extended workout at the gym. Even if you don’t have a full five minutes, just taking two or three will have major benefits when multiplied by ten or twelve hours a day.

hypnosis4. Another tool that you may not be currently implementing, but that you should certainly consider is hypnosis. Many people consider hypnosis to be some type of pseudo science, but the fact is that hypnosis has been proven to do everything from taking the place of general anesthesia in surgery to causing people to abandon habits like smoking, drinking alcohol or using drugs, and of course hopping around like a bunny rabbit on stage for the entire crowd to see. When used as a therapeutic tool, hypnosis can be very powerful in changing ingrained habits such as overeating.



Prepared Meals5. If you live alone and you can spare a couple of extra hundred dollars a month, then consider ordering prepared meals that you can put in the microwave or oven. These meals come weekly and are prepared to a specific number of calories that you set up in advance, as well as being specifically prepared to meet all of the nutritional standards of today. They are fairly expensive, with the total grocery bill for a single person coming to around $500 a month, but they are a major timesaver, and allow you to diet without having to worry about counting calories or any other content. There are several companies that offer these prepared meals, and they may or may not be available in your area. Do your research and find who delivers to your city or town.

Exercise with video games6. Finally, add some exercise to your diet with video games. Today’s modern motion controlled video games offer intensive calorie burning workouts when you play them, often rivaling exercise that you can get at a gym with a personal trainer. The X-Box Kinect, Nintendo Wii and the Playstation Move are all motion controlled video game consoles and there are a wide variety of games available for all three of them. You can slay dragons, play sports with your favorite team or ski down a challenging mountainside slope, burning calories and getting a great cardio workout, all while playing a video game. Consider adding thirty minutes of video game time with one of these devices to your day and you will notice results.

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  1. hi, im 13 and just need to get rid of some belly fat… I dont weigh that much (112 lbs) but if I want to be a flyer for the cheerleading team I need to get doen to 97….. please help me reach my goal!


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