Why Should You Add Dairy to Your Diet

For years, dairy was touted as evil when it came to losing weight, but new research shows that not only are dairy products not unhealthy for weight loss, but they can actually increase your weight loss as much as one hundred percent. This little known fact was introduced in a BBC documentary and tested in other studies around the world. There are some reasons why this is so, but it involves understanding how the body works, and how dairy affects your body, but the bottom line is, you can burn almost twice as much fat by adding dairy than with diet and exercise alone.

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What Are Dairy Products?

First of all, let’s explore what dairy products are. Generally, when people think of dairy products, they think of a couple of different things – like milk and ice cream – but the list of dairy products is extensive and includes milk, sour cream, buttermilk, other creams, infant formula, butter, which is mostly made of milk fat, ricotta and other cheese including cheese curds and cottage cheese, yogurt, which is fermented milk with additional bacterial added, ice cream, frozen custard and yogurt and many other foods that are localized to other parts of the world like Central Asia.

How Do Dairy Products Help You Lose Weight?

A person that adds dairy products to their diet will expel one hundred percent more fat than a person who avoids dairy products while following a diet regimen. This is for a few reasons.
First, dairy products are a great source of some of the nutrients that you need, and studies have shown that drinking milk can help you to feel fuller. However, the most exciting thing about dairy, which was tested by scientists as part of a BBC documentary on weight loss and backed up by a study published in Obesity Reviews, reported that dairy helps you excrete more fat.

That means that the body absorbs much less of the fat that you eat when you add dairy products to your diet. The study shows that adding around 1200 milligrams of calcium to your diet will cause around five grams of fat to be excreted that normally wouldn’t be. This is a great way to cause your body to get rid of some of the fat that you eat, and when combined with a diet and exercise program, will certainly help you to lose the weight that you want to drop.

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