Can You Drink Alcohol While Losing Weight?

Lose weight while drinking alcoholA lot of people enjoy drinking alcohol, some of them just a drink or two once or twice a month, and some of them a great deal more often. If you have a weight loss plan in mind, but are wondering how alcohol will affect it, then you should carefully consider the following points. Each person is different and you will have to make up your own mind about how much alcohol that you drink, if at all, to still be able to reach your weight loss goals.

The first thing that you should know about drinking alcohol while losing weight is that for most, alcohol makes you make poor decisions. For instance, if you hit a bar on the weekend after a great week of diet and exercise, and then decide to order a pizza, you may ruin your entire diet and exercise efforts for the week. If you are going to drink, then you need to keep this in mind and make a plan for what will happen if you realize that you are hungry while you are drinking and how you will prevent yourself from going overboard.

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Can You Lose Weight By Drinking Water?

Drinking Water To Lose WeightWater is one of the most miraculous substances out there. When we are thirsty it replenishes like nothing else and exists all over the world naturally. But most people don’t drink enough water, and in fact, the people that need to drink water the most – those that need to lose weight – simply don’t, or if they do they don’t drink enough. While most weight loss experts have been touting the benefits of water for years, there actually hasn’t been much research done into it until recently. Here are the facts about water and how it helps you to lose weight.

First, water helps to replenish your energy. Think of water like a lubricating oil for your body. It makes all of your organs function better and run more effectively. Staying hydrated not only helps everything in your body run, but it also prevents you from drinking other beverages like carbonated soda throughout the day. The problem with drinking soda is that it contains a large number of calories, that can be harmful to a diet plan. For instance, many people consumer a two liter or soda or more per day, and that can add around 800 calories alone.

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Truth about Abs Review

The Truth about Abs is a new program that is just starting to find its way to men and women that are overweight and have problems with excess fat, particularly around the midsection. The first thing that you should understand about this program is that men and women are treated differently, which is one of the ideas that have come to light recently in weight loss research. The introduction is quite a lengthy video, which you can choose to watch the female or the male version of, explaining a little bit of how the program was conceived.

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How to Avoid the Weight Loss Plateau

Weight loss is a struggle. Anyone who has even attempted it will tell you that. However, one of the worst feelings that a dieter can get is when they stop losing weight after weeks of months spent dieting, exercising and sticking to it.

This is called plateauing, and it is a common thing that happens when shedding pounds. There is a perfectly logical reason for it, and learning how a plateau happens will help you to see your plateaus coming in plenty of time and be able to adjust so that you can continue to lose weight.

The first thing that we need to understand to figure out plateaus in weight loss is how weight loss works. You lose weight when your body burns more calories than it takes in. You burn calories in two basic ways. The first is through metabolism, or the amount of calories burned each day by your body keeping you alive. This including running your cardiovascular system, allowing you to use your brain and keeping your heart beating. This is called your resting metabolic rate, or basal metabolic rate, depending upon how it is calculated.

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Snacks That Contain Almost No Calories

Most of us love to snack. Whether we are right in the middle of a great novel, or watching a movie, we love to snack on something, but for those that are trying to lose weight, it can be challenging to choose healthy snacks.

In fact, many dieters think that they shouldn’t be snacking at all. This can turn into a problem when they are hungry but have already eaten their meals for the day, and usually results in binge eating, because they think that they have already cheated. This is absolutely not true. Snacking is perfectly okay if you are trying to lose weight, but most of the time try to stick with low calorie snacks, especially if you intend to eat a lot of them.

Here are some snacks that you can have, that contain almost no calories. You can eat these snacks during a movie without feeling any guilt about it.

Sugar free jello is a great choice when it comes to a low calorie snack. Just one cup of jello that is sugar free, whether it is prepared by you, or purchased ready to eat at the store, has around 20 calories, so you could chow down on a few cups and not feel guilty about it.

Of course, Jello isn’t that filling, but it may help you to fight off the snack craving, and not go for the pizza, fried chicken or potato chips.


If you really dislike the flavor of the sugar free Jelly, you can try adding a few berries or slices of strawberry to your snack.

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Studies Show Evidence of a “Fat Gene”

One of the more interesting things to come from the British science front recently is the possible existence of a “fat gene”. Researcher’s at King’s College in London and at the University of Oxford, may have discovered a gene that controls how fat behaves in the body. This is one research project that actually could result in a “magic pill” or something similar for weight loss. However, there is still much work to be done on it, but scientists think that this gene will help doctors understand better why obesity happens and how to prevent it and treat it in those that already have it.

fat geneThis is actually quite a big discovery, and especially in the genetics field, which since the 70’s has been targeted towards understanding genetics and how it affects our lives. Genes work like on and off switches in our body, telling to do something, or not to do something. Genes are responsible for much of the physical and mental parts of ourselves, giving us a certain color hair for example, or a certain height. Now, there may be a gene that makes us genetically predisposed to be overweight, or in the case for some people, underweight.

The study shows that one out of every three Americans carry a gene for obesity and suffer from it. Diabetes and obesity are linked, and diabetes is definitely a genetic condition. The gene, called KLF14, is responsible for forming a huge number of metabolic traits, including that one which creates our body mass index level, as well as cholesterol and insulin levels. Scientists hope to use this gene to prevent conditions like obesity, heart disease and diabetes. It is not a miracle cure yet, but it is definitely a huge leap to fighting obesity with science.

Of course, you can still maintain a healthy weight, and lose weight to get to that point if you are already obese. It requires knowing how many calories your body burns in a day total, your metabolism in other words, and then eating less than those calories, creating a deficit. A healthy diet that is lower in calories than you are burning, combined with an exercise program that works out your whole body, and gets your heart rate up to optimum levels will certainly do the trick, but for many people, it is a struggle to stay on track, even if they reach their goal weight.

The Myth of a Slow Metabolism

One of the biggest myths that still exist out there in the weight loss world is the one that says that people who are overweight must have a slow metabolism. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and in fact, the exact opposite is true. However, in order to understand why so many people believe that this is the case, and the reason that they have so much trouble losing weight, one must first understand how the metabolism works, and how weight loss works in general.

Slow MetabolismThe metabolism is the process of the body breaking down food for energy. However, the process of metabolism can be much more simply defined as, the number of calories that your body burns each day through keeping your heart beating, your brain working and blood moving through the cardiovascular system. This includes your basal metabolic rate, and the exercise that you do throughout the day. In order to understand how it is impossible for those that are overweight to have a “slower” metabolism than those at a healthy weight, let’s take a look at how weight loss works.

How Weight Loss Works

Weight loss happens when the body burns more calories than a person takes in. So, if a person normally burns 2000 calories in a day, and eats 1500, they will lose the amount of fat equivalent to 500 calories, which is exactly 1/7 of a pound. In other words, a person that has a calorie deficit of 500 calories per day will lose a pound in a week. A person that has a calorie deficit of 1500 on the other hand, will lose three pounds a week. Additional calories can be burned through exercise, and some combination of diet and exercise should get rid of enough calories to lose some weight.

The Myth That Slow Metabolisms Cause Obesity

The fact is, that a person’s metabolism, or the number of calories that they burn in a day, is dependent on four different factors. First, what gender they are. Second, how much they weight and how tall they are. Finally, their age. Physical activity can be thrown in there too, or it can be calculated separately.

A person that is overweight has to burn a much larger number of calories to keep the body going. It takes a lot more energy for an overweight person’s heart to beat, blood to flow through the veins and it burns a lot more calories doing physical activity as well.

Therefore, it is impossible for the person that is overweight to have a slower metabolism than someone who is at a healthy weight. In fact, someone that is overweight can burn as many as four times as many calories than a person at a healthy weight, and those that start eating a healthy diet and actually stay under the amount of calories it would take to maintain their healthy weight, will notice huge losses in the first few weeks. As more and more weight is lost, the metabolism slows down, and that is often where people run into trouble, because their weight loss levels off. They don’t realize that they have to continually adjust for a slower metabolism the more weight that they lose.

Are TV Dinners Healthy?

TV dinners are one of the easiest and most convenient meals out there. They can be cooked in the microwave and take just a few minutes to prepare, and come in a wide variety of flavors and food choices. But TV dinners get a bad rep when it comes to dieting, because most people believe that you can’t lose weight eating TV dinners. The truth is, many TV dinners meet the caloric requirements of dieters, and stay under the recommended amounts of sodium, fat and carbohydrates. TV dinners are often healthier than people think.

lean cuisine

Lean Cuisine is one of the healthiest TV dinners out there. They average between 250 and 300 calories for every TV dinner that they make, and are a great choice when it comes to healthy meals. For instance, the Lean Cuisine Sundried Tomato Pesto Chicken has nine grams of total fat and 2 of them from saturated fat. It has 570 milligrams of sodium, and 4 and 18 grans of fiber and protein respectively. Unfortunately, these TV dinners are relatively small in portion sizes so they may not work for every dieter.

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Healthy Diet Plan -10 Diet Tips for Guys Who Hate to Cook

Ten Diet Tips for Guys Who Hate to Cook

Guys that don’t cook, and prefer to eat out or cook something simple in the microwave may have a harder time than others losing weight, because they don’t have as many choices for eating healthy. However, there are some healthy diet options even for the man who hates to cook, depending upon budget. Here are ten tips for guys who want to eat healthier and lose some weight, without having to learn to cook.

tv dinners1. Learn to Choose Healthy TV Dinners: There are several brands of TV dinners out there that are healthier than others. On TV dinners from Healthy Choice or Lean Cuisine, if you track your fat, sodium and other nutritional information, you can often create a low calorie, well rounded meal without losing the convenience of TV dinners.



No Mayo

2. Consider Skipping the Mayo: One major source of calories is mayonnaise, adding between fifty and two hundred calories to each sandwich depending upon how much mayo you decide to put on. Consider skipping the mayo and going with mustard instead which has no calories. There may be other condiments that you can skip as well, for reduced calories.

dairy foods

3.Add More Dairy: Studies have shown that adding more dairy products, such as milk, yogurt, cheese and even ice cream, can help to excrete up to one hundred percent more fat than not having those diary products in your diet.



Skip Snacks after Dinner4. Skip Snacks & Meals After Dinner: When you eat in the evening, your body does not have a chance to burn off the calories that you consume, and it becomes easier to store them as fat rather than get rid of them. Consider eating all of your calories by dinner time, or substituting high calorie foods and snacks.



workout daily5.
Work Out Daily: Many people choose to work out just two or three times a week. While this is the minimum recommended amount, if you work out every day, your metabolism will increase. You burn more calories throughout the entire day on days that you work out. If you work out daily you will burn calories throughout the week.

Reduce Alcohol
Cut Down on the Alcohol: Many people aren’t aware of just how many calories are in alcohol, particularly beer. Drinking a six pack of beer can result in nearly 1000 calories, which is two pounds a week if you drank that much every day in addition to your food. If you are maintaining the same weight, and you drink a six pack a day, then cutting out those calories will result in a one to two pound weight loss per week.

replace burgers and pizza7. Replace Burgers and Pizza with Healthy Alternatives: Burgers and pizza are staples in the diet of men all across the United States, but there are a few ways that you can keep the pizza and burgers in your diet, without having the fat and calories. Look for ways that you can make healthy low-calorie pizzas and consider making tofu or turkey burgers instead.


No Soda8. Cut Out the Soda Pop: If you are a guy who likes to drink soda then you could probably lose some weight simply by switching to a zero calorie soda. A two liter bottle of regular soda can contain as many as 1000 calories, and even the smaller twenty ounce bottles add up quickly to a great deal of calories.


Black Coffee9. Go With Black Coffee: We all love our coffee in the mornings, but for guys who put a lot of cream and sugar in their coffee, the calories go up. Black coffee has zero calories, but adding cream and sugar can add as many as 100 calories. This number jumps up to around 300 if you purchase a latte or cappuccino from the local coffee house.



pre cooked meals10. Order Pre-Cooked Meals: If you have a little bit of money to spend, and want the convenience of having meals already suited to your diet plan prepared for you, then consider ordering per-cooked meals from one of the many services that exist. These are usually delivered frozen and are tailored to the number of calories, fat content and other nutritional information that you want for a healthy weight loss.

How to Deal With Being Overweight

Being overweight can affect nearly every aspect of your life, and find a way to deal with it is something that everyone who suffers from the condition must do. Being overweight is often fairly restrictive, causing those that are extremely overweight or obese to miss out on opportunities afforded to others. Physical restrictions can range from simply not being fit enough to participate in activities like team sports and other types of outdoor recreations, and in extreme cases, physical restrictions can even keep the overweight person from being able to fit into seats that were designed with a smaller person in mind, or having to purchase additional seating such as on an airline flight.

overweight people

Besides, the physical difficulties that are encountered when being overweight, there are some social disadvantages that can take a heavy toll upon the overweight person. Unlike other physical traits that are deemed unattractive by society in general, being overweight is generally considered to be the fault of the obese person, and therefore the general public may be rude and inconsiderate to the overweight person, especially when having trouble fitting into a seat, or eating in public. Being overweight can make the obese person feel badly about themselves and can lower confidence and make it difficult for them to be in social situations.

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