Body Mass Index Formula

Your Body Mass Index, commonly abbreviated BMI is a number that is gathered using data like a person’s height and weight. BMI is usually used to determine whether a person is overweight, but the calculation does not measure body fat. However, the correlation between BMI and body fat is very accurate. Measure a person’s Body Mass Index is a straightforward procedure and does not require any specialized equipment or tools, and this simple screening can determine if a person is overweight, or may become overweight, which can help to prevent future health problems associated with that condition.

Bmi Table

What Are BMI Calculations Used For? BMI is measured so that those over the age of twenty can be screened for potential obesity problems and to give a person an indicator of where they fall when it comes to weight. One thing to keep in mind is that although the Body Mass Index number can determine whether or not a person is overweight or obese, it is not a diagnosis and if your BMI is high you should consult with your doctor in order to determine what exactly the problem is and how it can be resolved, as well as any other health problems that may be related to being overweight or obese.

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