Why Glucomannan Fiber is an Effective Weight Loss Tool

With all the supplements that exist for weight loss these days it can be almost impossible to try to determine which ones are effective and which are just plain scams. One supplement that does not fit into any of the other categories and is most certainly effective is Glucomannan. Glucomannan is a fiber that you take before a meal, allowing you to feel full before you even start eating and therefore cause you to eat less food. Glucomannan isn’t a fat burner, or a fat blocker, and simply does not fit into the other categories of supplements.

How Glucomannan Works

Glucomannan FiberMost of the time, Glucomannan will come in capsule form. The capsules of full of the Konjac fiber in a very condensed form. You simply take between one and four capsules, depending upon how much you are used to eating and drink a whole lot of water with it. Make sure that you drink at least 8 ounces of water per capsule because the fiber could expand in your throat and cause you to choke otherwise. You want it to expand in your stomach and not your throat, but it is easy to prevent as long as you take the capsules with water.

One you take them, wait about 30 to 45 minutes before you eat. You will notice yourself starting to feel less hungry after just 20 minutes, and you will not feel that hungry at all by the time that the fiber expands all the way in your stomach. Then, you can simply eat a meal and move on. Make sure to prepare less food than you normally do, because you will eat a lot less.

How Much Weight Can You Lose?

This is a very difficult question to answer because each person is different. Just remember that for every 500 calories you cut out of your diet over a week’s period, you will lose one pound. So, if you take Glucomannan with every meal, and you cut each meal by half, you could cut out around 1000 calories per day, assuming that your total consumption is about 2000 calories per day. This will result in a loss of two pounds per week.

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