How to Avoid the Weight Loss Plateau

Weight loss is a struggle. Anyone who has even attempted it will tell you that. However, one of the worst feelings that a dieter can get is when they stop losing weight after weeks of months spent dieting, exercising and sticking to it.

This is called plateauing, and it is a common thing that happens when shedding pounds. There is a perfectly logical reason for it, and learning how a plateau happens will help you to see your plateaus coming in plenty of time and be able to adjust so that you can continue to lose weight.

The first thing that we need to understand to figure out plateaus in weight loss is how weight loss works. You lose weight when your body burns more calories than it takes in. You burn calories in two basic ways. The first is through metabolism, or the amount of calories burned each day by your body keeping you alive. This including running your cardiovascular system, allowing you to use your brain and keeping your heart beating. This is called your resting metabolic rate, or basal metabolic rate, depending upon how it is calculated.

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