Snacks That Contain Almost No Calories

Most of us love to snack. Whether we are right in the middle of a great novel, or watching a movie, we love to snack on something, but for those that are trying to lose weight, it can be challenging to choose healthy snacks.

In fact, many dieters think that they shouldn’t be snacking at all. This can turn into a problem when they are hungry but have already eaten their meals for the day, and usually results in binge eating, because they think that they have already cheated. This is absolutely not true. Snacking is perfectly okay if you are trying to lose weight, but most of the time try to stick with low calorie snacks, especially if you intend to eat a lot of them.

Here are some snacks that you can have, that contain almost no calories. You can eat these snacks during a movie without feeling any guilt about it.

Sugar free jello is a great choice when it comes to a low calorie snack. Just one cup of jello that is sugar free, whether it is prepared by you, or purchased ready to eat at the store, has around 20 calories, so you could chow down on a few cups and not feel guilty about it.

Of course, Jello isn’t that filling, but it may help you to fight off the snack craving, and not go for the pizza, fried chicken or potato chips.


If you really dislike the flavor of the sugar free Jelly, you can try adding a few berries or slices of strawberry to your snack. This will add a few calories but it will improve the taste drastically.

Another great snack idea is to use egg whites. Not only is an egg full or protein and vitamins, but it is very low in fat, and doesn’t have very many carbohydrates either.

The great thing is that an egg white is extremely low in calories, containing about the same amount that you find a cup of sugar free jello. However, egg whites are much more filling than jello, and eggs are much healthier in general.
You can either separate the egg yolks from the whites yourself, or you can use a premade product like Eggbeaters to get your egg whites.

Last on our list are salads and other green vegetables. Most of these snacks are very low in calories. Per instance, broccoli sprigs only have about 20 calories per serving. A salad, before you add in the extras and pour dressing up top is going to be around 50 calories.

You can pick just about any fruit or vegetables that you like and you are looking at between 25 and 50 calories. Berries make a great choices for snacks as well, because they are tasty and small enough to eat a few without packing on the calories. Also, there are a few products on the market that are specifically sold as extreme low calorie snacks, and you can check out a few of those as well.

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